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Four More Top Restaurants In Washington DC That You Will Enjoy

It is time to take another look at Washington DC, and there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy. For the last round, it seemed like every other one was on Pennsylvania Ave or was fine dining. That’s ‘fine’ and all, pardon the pun, but let’s take a closer look and see what we come up with this time. Who knows, it could be more of the same, and that’s okay, too. Here are four more Washington DC restaurants.

Matchbox Pizza is one of your choices, and it is on H Street NW. This brunch spot is known for its pizza and sliders according to the menu highlights. Honestly, that’s a great combination that you don’t always see out there. One reviewer talks about a delicious lamb sandwich, too, and he or she says that the place isn’t fancy. So, there you go, a regular but top ranked restaurant in DC!


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