Four Washington DC Restaurants That You Might Enjoy Visiting

Welcome to the nation’s capitol, and I don’t have to tell you what all you will see there. I can, however, help point you to some great restaurants. So here we go, let’s take a look at some of the top restaurants in DC. You will be glad you have a few in mind before you start heading out to see what the nation’s capitol has in store for you.

Fiola is one of those restaurants, and it can be found on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Does that street or avenue I should say sound familiar? Of course it does because the White House is on Pennsylvania Avenue. This fine dining restaurant features a tasting menu, and you might just settle on realizing it is a night for steak and lobster. Does that sound like a plan?

Next up is a place called Rasika, and it is on D Street NW. Pardon if you’re not up for fine dining, and I don’t blame you. But there is a time and place, and Rasika serves up lamb chops, black cod, crispy spinach and of course features a tasting menu. It’s Washing to DC, so it’s time to live a little.

The next restaurant in DC I want to tell you about is We The Pizza. It is located on Pennsylvania Ave SE, and my goodness the pizza looks absolutely delicious. You are talking about the most cheesy and the crispiest crust. It just looks like a pizza that beats all pizzas, and it looks quite large, too. In case you are wondering, they have lunch special, too.

Next up is The Bird, and it is on 11th Street NW. Have you ever heard of duck meatballs? This sounds like fine dining again, so pardon, but they do have wings, chocolate ice cream and much more. Reviewers talk about this being a great place for brunch, and they also mention a Happy Hour. Wait, Happy Hour doesn’t sound like fine dining, does it?

Here is another restaurant featuring a play on words, Founding Farmers. It is also on Pennsylvania Ave NW. You have to figure that any restaurant holding up real estate in that avenue has to be good. Reviewers talk about Founding Farmers being a good brunch spot, too. Out of those four restaurants, you have to try at least one while you’re in DC, don’t you think? We The Pizza would be my choice.